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Thank you for taking the time to visit my online portfolio. I designed and developed this site to showcase my marketing and graphic design work. Along the way you'll also find a few of my other labors of love.


Family History

Well, my last name isn't Greek, but of Italian origin. The first Nesossis immigrated from Chiavenna, a city in northern Italy, in 1904 and was a baker. Back then the family name was spelt Nesossi (Knee-so-see). But when he came through immigration, they quickly added the extra letter changing the name to Nesossis (Knee-so-sis).

Above: The first generation of my family owned and operated the National Confectionary bakery (Biloxi, Mississippi 1918).

Over the decades I had other family members who were creative. A great grandmother who painted in water colors, a great uncle who worked as an animator for Walt Disney, a grandmother who worked as a typesetter, and grandfather who assisted in building the Panama Canal.


When it Started

I can remember playing the role of graphic designer while flipping through my parents vinyl collection. I would try to recreate the album covers by sketching in my sketch book. Music and art were and still are a big part of my life.



Creativity is in my DNA. Yes, I also like to bake and cook, but I also like to design and take photos of all kinds of cool stuff. I received a BFA in advertising & graphic design, from the Columbus College of Art & Design.


The Moral of the Story

Born in Cristóbal, Panama, I've been blessed to play and work in some really cool places. My graphic design work has been featured on the Columbus College of Art & Design blog and I am a published photographer.


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